Photography has been a passion of mine for many years but only recently truly fell in love with it; once I got my hands on a proper DSLR and wasn’t relying on my iPhone to capture my travels and adventures. Having only moved to Vancouver a few years ago I immediately discovered the beauty that only this city can offer. Unlike most other cities I have visited, Vancouver truly is the definition of an urban jungle; a city built within nature, not upon it.¬†Nonetheless, I am thankful that my city’s outstanding beauty gave me the inspiration to purchase my first DSLR. Not only do I get to share my experiences and adventures with friends and family, but I get to capture my experiences through a new lens.

Night Photography

Urban night photography is currently one of my favourite things to capture. Probably because there is something about a vast cityscape that excites me. When I see a skyline, I see opportunity. I envision all of the people that aren’t visible through my lens and wonder what brought them to this city. Perhaps they are here to concur a new goal, get an education, start a new career, or maybe to simply make a change. Regardless, and even though I can’t see them, I see the opportunities that exist within the skyline. I also think it’s noteworthy that my perception of this is likely rooted in the fact that I am from an extremely small town in New Brunswick.

Black and White.png

Most recently I have started to capture moments with family and friends and hope to continue honing my skills in the months ahead. If you are interested in scheduling a photoshoot please contact me; throughout the next few months I will not be charging for a photoshoot.